Benefits of Dorner’s Integration Conveyors:

Dorner Conveyors Integration Solutions

Dorner Tools and Delivery:

Using DTools, our online CAD design software, integrators can configure a wide array of Dorner conveyors to meet their exact specifications. The software also allows you to request 3D renderings of your designs which allows you to place them into your existing design plans. Our engineering teams are also capable of modifying or designing conveyor systems to meet your unique needs. With lead times of 3 days for our aluminum frame conveyors and 10 days for our stainless steel conveyors, Dorner is able to get you the conveyors you need as quick as possible.
With the combinations of online design assistance and short lead times Dorner ensures the performance and on time delivery of the right conveying systems, whether your application calls for:

Precision Move

Dorner’s Precision Move conveyors in our 2200 and 3200 series lines are a great way to make sure that your product gets to the right spot at the right time. These conveyors offer accurate alignment every time, making them ideal for applications that require precision. Features on the Precision Move include:
Whether you’re looking to move delicate crystal or hammers, Dorner’s line of Precision Move conveyors are up to the challenge. With their precision controls and optional pallet mounting bars you can trust the 2200 and 3200 Precision Move conveyors to get your product to the exact spot it needs to be every single time.
Dorner Conveyors Pallet Fixture Mounting System

Conveyors for Plastics Manufacturing and Material Handling

Many modern products are made of plastics. The light weight of these products can make the material handling, product movement and product positioning challenging. Often these products are made in molding machines that drop product near the floor, then the product has to be elevated for delivery to a bin for the next process. In addition robotic interfaces are used more and more to unload molding machines and position products for the next operation. This requires that your conveyor systems move parts to the exact spot every time.

Conveyors Integrators

2200 Belted Conveyors

  • Stronger, improved frame design
  • New frame widths with single piece frame for widths 12″ and under
  • Improved bedplate durability with hard anodized frame coating
  • Universal T-slots fit industry standard hardware
  • Updated drive and idler tails for easier belt install and shaft position change
  • New 5/8″ high speed nosebar with speeds up to 200 fpm
  • Adjustable guiding with new modern design and improved clamp method
  • New guide accessories
  • New belt options

2200 Modular Belt Conveyors

  • Ladder-style, open frame construction for water and chemical drainage and air cooling.
  • All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking.
  • Universal T-slot for ease and flexibility of adding accessories using industry available hardware.
  • Additional frame widths and expanded guiding and chain options.
  • Consolidated motor & control offerings.

2200 Precision Move Conveyors

Dorner’s Precision Move technology is designed to move your product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line.

2700 Medium Duty Conveyors

Featuring an increased weight rating and extended maximum width, the 2700 Series Medium Duty is designed for medium load conveyance in material handling and eCommerce applications. This conveyor includes v-guiding and precision belt tracking to eliminate belt sway even when the conveyor is wider than it is long.
A belted 3200 series conveyor from Dorner featuring the nose bar.

3200 Belted Conveyors

  • Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Center Drive, and iDrive® models
  • Widths up to 48 in. (1,219 mm) (Wider widths available, consult factory)
  • V-guided belt tracking
  • Lengths 30 in. (1,219 mm) –  99 ft. (30,175 mm) depending on drive selection
  • Speeds up to 600 ft/min (182 m/min)
  • One of our heavy duty belt conveyors handling loads up to 1,000 lbs (455 kg)

3200 Modular Belt Conveyors

  • Flush tail design locates bearing inside frame to fit in tight spaces
  • All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking
  • Patented sprocket alignment key for worry free belt maintenance
  • Dual t-slot or patented Smart Slots® for flexibility and clean sided applications
  • Inboard type frame connection joint improves strength while keeping t-slots open
  • Stand mounts lock in into the frame for strength and durability, yet movable anywhere along frame length
  • Optional integrated power transfers for small part handling
  • Flexible belt containment system allows for tab or bearing retention method for up to 4 corner modules
3200 Series Modular Belt Options
Image of a Dorner 3200 Precision Move conveyor, which can regularly achieve speeds of 517 ft/min and is built for bursts of even higher speeds.

3200 Precision Move Conveyors

  • High load capacity urethane belting with kevlar cords (True Timing Belt)
  • No capacity drop when pushing belt
  • All widths feature a single belt for increased mounting flexibility
  • Positive drive no slip belting and side guides provide worry free belt tracking
  • Use optional cleats to create pockets for controlled part flow
  • Minimum pallet mounting bar is spacing 1” in length
  • T-slots make mounting accessories simple with no drilling or special tools
  • Compatible with standard drive packages
  • Available with servo motor and mounts for increased accuracy of index
  • Servo package includes fully integrated solution with intuitive PC interface
  • Sealed ball bearings

3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology

Adding an ARB conveyor into your line can improve the flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy of your operations. Additional benefits of integrating ARB conveyor solutions include:
  • Flexibility to handle multiple product sizes without the need for changeover
  • Minimizes floor space consumption
  • Increased system reliability
  • Eliminates costly system controls, reducing complexity
  • Encased moving parts provide safer work environments
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Handles product as small as 6″ x 6″

DCMove Belted Conveyor

The DCMove Belted Conveyor features an economic painted steel frame with options for a variety of fabric or rubber belting. This new conveyor system is also built with an internally mounted motor within the tails, further reducing the conveyor’s footprint and providing an easy-to-integrate conveyor package. With a sleek, flush-sides design, the DCMove easily fits into tight spaces and maximizes belt coverage.

FlexMove Conveyors

This flexible powered conveyor offers a flexible, high-performance conveying solution that is easy to configure and reconfigure. Suited for tight spaces, elevation needs, long lengths, and more, the FlexMove flexible conveyor belt system is a versatile option designed to help you maximize your efficiency.

FlexMove Alpine Conveyors

The Alpine Conveyor is a compact spiral configuration commonly used as an accumulation or elevating buffer zone between machines or as a process step for cooling or drying. It can also be used for line balancing or product changeover purposes.
Alpines can be configured as an elevating/ lowering system with a single or double serpentine configuration. Uses include an in-line accumulator with entry and exit at different levels, or an in-line or off-line accumulator with entry and exit at the same level.

FlexMove Helix Conveyors

Compact spiral & helical curve, flexible chain conveyors for complete flexibility!
  • Unique, flexible design provides greater flexibility in layout
    • Infeed and outfeed may be positioned at any height or angle
    • Custom infeed and outfeed lengths allow the conveyor to extend beyond spiral, reducing the number of conveyors required
  • Small foot print maximizes valuable floor space
  • Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling
  • Applications include accumulation, buffering, cooling product between processes or machines, and more!

FlexMove Twist Conveyors

Rotate products easily and efficiently with flexible chain twist conveyors.
  • Positively control the product during rotation
  • Provides product rotation for access to multiple sides of packages
  • No change over –can handle multiple package sizes at the same time
  • No product guiding required
  • Products do not need to be gapped or spaced
  • In-line transfers

FlexMove Wedge Conveyors

Our Wedge Conveyors are used to take products from production floor level to a higher level or vice versa. Products are wedged between opposing conveyors aligned vertically or horizontally and are moved swiftly but securely.
Wedge Conveyors are easy to construct, lightweight and have compact footprints. Its rapid transfer rate makes it ideal for use in continuous, high capacity operations such as packaging lines. Built with aluminum or stainless steel, it meets the stringent hygiene standard required for medical and cosmetic packaging.

DualMove Pallet System

​Our new DualMove Pallet System features twin timing belts and is ideal for increasing the efficiency, speed, and precision of pallet traffic in assembly automation. Additionally, it reduces downtime costs that could disrupt production.

Best For:
  • Medium to large sized part movement
  • Product routing and control
  • Product inspection
  • Assembly automation

ERT150 Pallet System

​Our highly advanced Edge Roller Pallet Systems are designed with an open frame and individually driven rollers, allowing for custom zoning and low back pressure. The ERT150 is ideal for light load applications in electrical, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods manufacturing.

  • Non-contact zone control provides simplified traffic control, eliminating costly pneumatic valves
  • Individual rollers can be replaced if damaged without affecting the remaining portion of the conveyor
  • No belts, reducing product contact and debris
  • The drive shaft can be moved to any roller zone
  • Durable, patent-pending linear gearbox design provides a robust and flexible method of driven roller

ERT250 Pallet System

The ERT250 pallet system is designed for medium to heavy-load applications in manual and automated assembly operations. The higher capacity and ergonomic design make it a great option for large appliance manufacturing and EV battery production applications.

Best For:
  • Pallet & tray handling
  • No & low back pressure accumulation
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Large & medium assembly automation
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Appliance Manufacturing

FlexMove Pallet System Conveyors

​Our highly advanced FlexMove Pallet Systems are flexible conveyors with pallets for product routing and control.
  • Accurate positioning and routing
  • Ideal for assembly processes or inspection
  • Components sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility
  • Pallets sold as kits to allow fixturing or as completed assemblies
  • Automation system that improves efficiency and generation, lowers downtime, and increases accuracy in product movement

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